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What do our Surveys Involve?

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    Free Initial Survey

    Typically, for new enquiries, we can provide an accurate quotation from photos and rough dimensions.

    Therefore, we will ask you to send these over so we can better understand your requirements and provide you a quotation.

    If this is not possible, or we are unable to discuss your project with you over the phone, we offer a free initial survey to new enquiries within a 40 mile radius of Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

    Fully Detailed Survey

    Once you accept the quotation, we will arrange for a deposit invoice to be sent out to you. Once this is paid, we will arrange a fully detailed survey for your project.

    Customers are often surprised about the depth of detail our surveys require. And the time they take! Working with frameless glass, we work to very small dimensional tolerances. It is not unusual for a fully detailed survey to take several hours or more.

    Regular double glazing is designed to have a large tolerance for error, plus fillers and cladding pieces for when it doesn’t quite fit. This allows for relatively quick surveys to take the required dimensions.

    Unlike regular double glazing, we work to a tolerance of less than 3mm (thinner than a 2p piece) and therefore our surveys must precisely reflect your structure to ensure a good fit first time.

    This level of detail takes experience and time, and in some cases highly specialised survey equipment.

    Our fully detailed surveys are always undertaken by a senior member of our team. Using their years of experience and knowledge they are able to accurately record your structure to ensure the best possible fit.

    Following completion of the survey, the details are given to a team member in the office to draw up for your approval, prior to anything going into manufacture.

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