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ClearShade PV Solar Panels

    Glass Roof PV Example

    Semi-transparent solar photovoltaic panels for rooflights, canopies and balustrade.

    Our ClearShade PV photovoltaic glass is a semi-transparent energy generating glass that can be integrated into a variety of solutions.

    Solar panels, or photovoltaics (PV), have been around for a number of years and with ongoing research and advancements in technology, innovative solutions beyond the standard and familiar roof panels are now available.

    Precision Glass offer a range of semi-transparent solar photovoltaic glass panels with built in electricity energy generating capabilities.

    A shading solution with electricity energy generating capabilities.

    With the new Approved Document O focusing on overheating for new build projects ClearShade PV now offers a shading solution that can integrate with your renewable technology to produce electricity and enhance the microgeneration capabilities of your home.

    Available in standard sizes, or custom made to suit your project, ClearShade PV solar panels can be provided as an alternative to standard glass in a veranda or rooflight.

    Requiring a standard click and play electrical connection on only one edge, ClearShade PV can also be used in external balustrades to provide privacy whilst also generating electricity.

    ClearShade PV solar panels are manufactured using a specialist printed interlayer enabling a range of shading/transparency requirements to be met. The deeper the shading, the greater photovoltaic energy produced.

    Using different technology to traditional solar panels, ClearShade PV works in both direct and non-direct sunlight. Electrical energy can be generated from both sides of the panel, and can even generate electricity on overcast days.

    Walk-on energy generating solar panel (PV) rooflights.

    ClearShadeStep integrates photovoltaic technology into a walk-on glass panel to produce a safe, walk-on solar panel. This technology allows roof terraces to generate electricity for the building without compromising space or usability. Imagine an energy generating solar photovoltaic glass roof terrace, fully accessible and designed to take standard loadings for floors, ensuring your roof terrace can be used for entertaining on those warm summer evenings.

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