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Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless glass balustrade offers probably the most versatile solution with the most options:

The best fixing method will be agreed during our consultation and a final survey for all our glass balustrades is undertaken for each project .

Fixing methods include:

  • Continuous “Base Shoe” glass balustrade, which is base or side fixed to your existing structure. It can be concealed by your finishes after installation is complete or left exposed and clad with stainless steel cover plates.
  • “Bolt Fixed” glass balustrade with a number of specially designed stainless steel glazing bolts fixing the bottom of the glass to the side of the existing structure.
  • “Clamped” glass balustrade, fixed using either continuous or intermittent steel plates on either side of the glass, clamping it to the side of the existing structure.

Our frameless glass balustrades are available with or without a handrail. The handrail is commonly stainless steel, although it can be timber. It can be fixed directly to the top of the glass, or fixed through the side of the glass.

Toughened laminated safety glass must be used for all frameless balustrade installation to ensure saftey and compliance, as required by BS6180.

Our frameless glass balustrade systems can offer a barrier loading (horizontal UDL) of upto 3.0kN/m – making it suitable for even the toughest situations.

Post and Rail Glass Balustrades

Traditionally the most cost effective glass balustrade option, post and rail balustrade combines stainless steel posts, stainless steel handrail and glass infill panels.

The stainless steel posts are fixed down or to the side of your existing structure (subject to survey). Matching stainless steel handrail is mounted to the top of the posts and glass infill panels are clamped between the posts to fill in the gaps.

For post and rail type glass balustrades,the posts must be fixed at a maximum span of 1.2m-1.5m. Long runs of glass balustrade will be divided into equal size panels for the best look. Post and rail balustrade can be designed to turn corners, and follow the line of stairs or slopes. For larger spans, without posts, we would recommend a frameless glass balustrade solution.

Post and rail balustrade is suitable for use as both internal balustrade and external balustrade. We use grade 304 stainless steel for internal post and rail balustrades and marine grade 316 stainless steel for external balustrades, offering the highest resistance to corrosion.

Juliette Balcony Glass Balustrades

Our Juliette balcony glass balustrades span an opening in a building, usually on the 1st floor or higher, to prevent the risk of falling.

Out Juliette balcony glass balustrades are typically fixed either side of the opening with a minimum of three specially designed grade 316 stainless steel glazing bolts.
A single piece of toughened laminated safety glass spans the opening (max width approx 3m).

A handrail may be fitted subject to your requirements.

Timber Infill Glass Balustrade Panels

For a more traditional look, glass infill panels can be templated to suit your existing timber staircase or guarding.
The glass balustrade panels are then manufactured to suit the templates before being fitted between the newel posts, stringer and handrail to complement an existing timber staircase whilst ensuring safety and compliance.

Glass curved balustrade and mezzanine glass
Concealed fixed curved frameless glass balustrade and matching mezzanine landing glass.

Curved Glass Balustrade

All of the above options are also available to suit curved structures and staircases.

Truly bespoke in design, please click the link below to view the curved glass balustrade page.

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