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Glass Structures

Frameless Glass Extensions

Structural glass extensions can be used to created an ultra modern addition to your home.

Often referred to as frameless glass boxes, a structural glass extension is a great alternative to a traditional orangery or conservatory.

Constructed from specialist double glazed units, a frameless glass extension utilises the natural strength of glass to form a habitable all-glass structure which can be used all year round.

Why not ingrate semi-transparent solar PV into your roof, to provide shading whilst generating electricity for your home?

Worried about those cold days? Why not integrate heated glass into the structure to keep the cold out?

Overheating in the Summer? This can be greatly reduced thanks to Solar Control glass which helps to prevent overheating, whilst still keeping the heat in in the winter.

Frameless glass structures are always custom built to suit your requirements. Get in contact today to see how we can help you.

Frameless glass box extension
A frameless glass box type extension completes this house in West Sussex.

Frameless Glass Links, Glass Linkways & Walkways

Frameless glass links are a great way to link two buildings together in a modern yet unobtrusive way.

Commonly used in Barn Conversions and Oast Houses, where historic interest and conservation is of concern, a glass link uses structural glass to create a habitable passage between new and old without detracting from the original intent of the building.

Typically double glazed, structural glass links can integrate a host of features such as switchable privacy glass, heated glass and solar PV glass.

Oversize and Structural Glass & Glazing

We can offer double or triple glazed units which are oversize and/or bespoke shapes to suit your projects.

Our team are experienced in handling heavy oversize pieces of glass with the aid of mechanical plant such as spider cranes and glazing robots.

More detail is available of the Oversize Glass Page which can be found by clicking the button below.

Frameless Verandas, Car Ports & Outside Rooms

Outside Rooms and Glass Verandas are a glass structures which are not designed to be lived in all year round. They provide great protection from the elements whilst still allowing you to enjoy those warm summer evenings.

With or without sides, our verandas and outdoor rooms are designed to suit you and your space. This means we can maximise the use of non-perfect spaces with custom shaped glass.

Frameless Glass Porches

Our frameless glass porches have a whole page dedicated just to them. It covers key topics such as design, installation and other FAQs.

Click the button below to go to the Frameless Glass Porches page.

Frameless Glass Porches

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