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Oversized Walk-On Rooflight in Kensington


    This 3000mm x 1500mm oversized Walk-on Rooflight is a perfect example of just how large we can go on our projects. Our clients know that we go above and beyond to help their visions come to life. What better way to brighten up a room then with an oversized rooflight fitted by our expert team?

    We used a HIAB crane and hydraulic glass lifter to lift the 500kg panel into the property. Once it was safely lowered to a workable height; the fitting team worked together end-to-end making sure the panel was properly aligned.

    On-lookers stopped to watch as a panel the size of a small vehicle travelled over the property, it was truly a sight to see.

    • Rooflight Installation
    • Glass Lowering
    • HIAB Crane Lifting Panel
    • Rooflight Delivery