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Precision Glass Ltd | shower screens

Bespoke Glass Shower Screens & Bath Screens

Fixed Shower Screens

Comprised of a single panel of glass creating a partition between your shower and the rest of the bathroom.

This type of shower screen is measured to suit your requirements and a fixing method is agreed before they are put into production and fitted.

Fixed shower screens are commonly fitted with a minimal channel on a minimum of two edges, which can be recessed into finishes to create a truly frameless look if required. If the screen does not go to the ceiling a stabilising bar may be fitted to the top of the shower screen to keep it in place.

Alternatively, fixed shower screens can be fixed with brackets, securing the screen to the surrounding structure. These are available in a variety of finishes to suit the other ironmongery in your bathroom.

Shower Doors with/without Fixed Panels

Our shower doors are made to measure to suit the structure exactly, ensuring a perfect fit and no leaks due to the door not fitting an imperfect opening.

Like the shower screens, our shower doors are a frameless design with hinges to suit your requirements.

Our standard shower hinge is sprung to hold the door in closed and open positions. We also use free swinging hinges for bi-folding doors and specialist shower tested hydraulic hinges where the door is particularly large or requires a controlled closing motion.

All of our shower doors are sealed to the side and bottom edges using clear polycarbonate seals to maximise the frameless look of your shower door.

All of our shower doors can be used with adjacent fixed glass shower panels to one or both sides of the door to create complete shower enclosures. They are equally versatile as frameless doors or enclosures to a sauna, or steam room.

Bath Screens

Similarly to the above, all of our bath screens are completely bespoke to suit your requirements. They can either be fixed, hinged, or bi-folding (or a combination of these).

Awkward Spaces and Shapes

If you require a bath screen or shower screen to suit an unusual shape opening then our installation team will visit site to accurately template the opening before production to ensure a perfect fit.

We can cater to raked and sloping ceilings, loft room shower screens, protruding tile details and uneven walls.

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