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    Precision Glass Ltd | curved glass balustrade

    Case Study:

    Curved Frameless Glass Balustrade in Oxford


    A fantastic frameless curved glass balustrade and mezzanine balustrade for a conversion project in Oxford.

    As a previous customer, the client knew they would get a great quality installation for this tricky curved staircase balustrade.

    With an internal radius of just over 600mm this balustrade pushed the limits of the best UK’s glass processors to provide a great result even at such a tight radius.

    Specified with Low Iron glass for that ultra clear look, the glass was designed to rise from the floor with no visible fixings creating a neat, modern integration into the space.

    Curved Balustrade


    To provide a full survey, supply and installation service of frameless style curved glass balustrade to new steel staircase in conversion project just outside of Oxford. To also provide the same complete service for 25m of frameless glass balustrade to mezzanine area.


    • 17.5mm thick toughened laminated glass.
    • Ultra-clear “Low-iron” glass.
    • Hidden clamping plate design – no visible fixings.

    Project Timeline:

    • 18 months
    • Our leadtime – 4-6 weeks per area


    Site Survey

    Curved balustrade site surveysurvey

    With the steel structure in place, we conducted a thorough site survey collecting all the necessary data for the curved staircase and the mezzanine landing ready for drawing up in the office.

    Client Approval Drawings

    Curved Balustrade Drawing

    Once the survey was complete, the balustrade was drawn up and sent to the client for approval before anything went into production.

    Glass Installation

    Curved balustrade in progress

    The curved glass balustrade panels were carefully installed to the staircase. The glass is fixed only to the steel stair stringer using rolled steel clamping plates to match the tight radii of the staircase.

    Finished Product

    Curved Balustrade

    Here the balustrade can be seen fully finished, with the fixings clad over to create the look of the frameless glass rising from the stair stringers.

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