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Qualitymark Guarantee

    Here at Precision Glass we provide the highest quality products and industry leading solutions.

    To give you extra reassurance, we offer up to a 10 year insurance backed guarantee for our most popular products.

    We have been checked and vetted by Qualitymark protection to ensure we are competent, solvent and hold the right qualifications, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands when you choose to work with us on your project.

    Qualitymark Guarantee

    What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

    An insurance backed guarantee offers financial protection to you, the customer, should we cease trading and are unable to honour our written guarantee.

    What Projects are Covered?

    Projects up to £25,000

    • Conservatory
    • External Doors
    • Glazing Components
    • Orangery
    • Rooflights
    • Secondary Glazing
    • Windows

    Projects up to £50,000

    • Canopy
    • Car Port
    • Flooring
    • Garden Building / Room
    • Pergola
    • Porch
    • Property Extension (Roof & Walls installed by us only)
    • Staircase
    • Sunroom
    • Veranda

    How does an Insurance Backed Guarantee work?

    An insurance backed guarantee, or IBG, by Qualitymark covers any liability, loss or damage caused by poor workmanship for the period of cover set out in our written guarantee and the IBG policy*.

    The premium is covered by us, so there is no cost to the you, subject to the installation having been fully completed to your satisfaction, and all negotiations with respect to the contract value concluded with full payment made and there being no defects evident in the installation.

    The policy covers our workmanship and does not cover any products installed. The works include removal, repair, alteration, rectification or remedial works to rectify a defect, and will cover those works necessary to meet the terms of the written guarantee.

    For every project installed, we guarantee our products against defect for the length of their manufacturers guarantee. Typically all ironmongery has a minimum of 1 years warranty whilst sealed glass units will carry a minimum of a 5 year warranty.

    *whichever is shorter

    Our Full Terms & Conditions can be viewed here.

    Further details available on the Qualitymark website.