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Local History Month: How we can use Frameless Glass for Historical Buildings

    Here at Precision Glass, we emphasise our ability to create frameless glass solutions for all sorts of tricky renovations, whether that be commercial, residential or even as part of a historical project. Frameless glass for historical buildings is a great way to keep the look of the building while improving heating or design.

    Frameless Glass in Historical Building

    Increase Accessibility & Optimise Natural Light

    Frameless glass is a great choice for complementing existing historical structures and similar projects due to its incredibly versatile nature. Using frameless glass, we are able to increase accessibility and usability with our designs, as well as reduce draughts in cold stone buildings. Whether you are hoping to partition an existing large area in order to improve usability or hoping to improve natural lighting through a building, we are able to optimise space and practicality within your historical project.

    Create Heated Spaces and Partitions

    Heated glass screens and partitions offer an unobtrusive and unique way to heat church building spaces that are traditionally unheated. Glass partitions offer all the benefits of the above plus the benefit of heating spaces that have no other heat source. The glass is coated with a specialist heat emissive coating, etched with an unobtrusive and almost invisible pattern that dictates the power of the heating. Laminated glass protects the specialist coating from damage and the same minimal fixings methods can be used to produce a heated frameless glass partition or heated screen for your church building. Each project is individually designed to ensure the minimal and correct energy consumption and the glass it’s designed with safety in mind – never getting hotter than a domestic radiator.

    Increase Efficiency with a Frameless Glass Entrance

    Frameless glass can also be incorporated into your entrance lobby, often allowing churches to leave the original timber doors open during operating hours for visitors whilst the frameless glass doors act as a weather barrier increasing the efficiency and running costs by reducing heating loads. This a great option if you are looking for a practical barrier to reserving heat while still promoting that the church is open and welcoming to visitors.

    Maintain Historical Character

    We work to improve your space without detracting from the original character of the building, with the ability to shape the glass into complex shapes (such as arches) to fit with stonework and the use of minimal fixings prevent intrusive damage to the historical structure. Our expert team will be able to brainstorm, draw up and create these structures in line with the existing historical features of the architecture, making frameless glass a great option for your historical building.

    Contact us today for a quote or further information on how Precision Glass can help bring your frameless glass projects to life and follow our social media to stay up to date on all of our ongoing projects.