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How to Choose the Right Mirror?

    Choosing the right mirror for your wall can be a challenging feat when you consider how a mirror affects the space it belongs to. The reflection of the mirror becomes an integral part of your room.

    Mirrors perform different functions depending on the shape and size. Mirrors are used to augment, define, and accentuate the surroundings. 

    When choosing a mirror you should consider the shape, style, and size.

    Wall Mirrors

    Our wall mirrors are made to order. We make sure our mirrors are suited to the environment they will be displayed in.  We often provide wall mirrors to gymnasiums and dance studios. 

    Full-Length Mirrors

    Full-length mirrors are generally long and narrow. These mirrors are designed to give you a complete head-to-toe reflection. When you request a mirror installation from us, we will bond the mirror to the wall; however, if you only want the mirror, it is up to you to decide how you will hang, fix, or mount it. 

    Bespoke salon mirrors

    The Right Fit

    Before you buy a mirror, you need to consider what size, shape, and design will complement your space. Floor mirrors require bigger rooms, whereas wall-mounted mirrors are easier to manage as they require less square footage. 

    What Size Mirror Should I Get

    When choosing the correct mirror size, it is best to choose a mirror that is roughly two thirds larger than the accompanying furniture. Be aware of the lightning, colour, and position when you choose your mirror size as these can affect the end result of the aesthetic.

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    Mirror Styles

    Mirrors reflect the style of your room, but they can also be a statement piece. Our bespoke mirrors emphasise the proportions of a room. 

    The Best Mirror Types for Each Room


    A bathroom mirror can be both decorative and functional. Wall mirrors can be cut to the exact shape to fit neatly between your existing files. This seamless finish integrates the mirror into the room and can be combined with demista pads. A mirror with a demista pad will stop your mirror from steaming up when you shower


    Make the most of your bedroom with dress mirrors and full-length mirrors. Our bespoke and custom cut mirrors can be bonded to your wardrobe doors modifying the aura of the room.

    Gym & Dance Studio Mirrors

    Make the most of your space with our bespoke gym and dance studio mirrors. From an aesthetic point of view, these mirrors make your workout space feel bigger, brighter, and airier. Large mirrored walls not only offer aesthetic improvements to a space, but they also allow people to safely check their surroundings and their form.

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