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How To Use A Glass Pergola Canopy In Your Garden

    As the winter fades away and the lighter evenings arrive, it’s a chance to make the most of your garden. Unfortunately, in the UK the weather can be changeable, switching from glorious sunshine to constant showers in a heartbeat.

    A pergola can make a great addition to any outdoors space, adding a touch of Mediterranean charm. The downside is that the open latticework doesn’t provide much protection from the elements. One way to preserve the stylish looks while adding shelter is to opt for a pergola canopy made from frameless glass. Suitable for small and large pergolas alike, here’s a look at how to create the perfect sun canopy for your garden.

    Glass garden pergola

    What is a Pergola With a Canopy?

    With cooler evenings and variable daily weather, having a pergola with a canopy can be a big help. Pergolas are an attractive feature in a garden but without the canopy, they won’t offer much shelter from the weather.

    There are a number of different outdoor canopy ideas to consider, but frameless glass offers the most versatile solution. Glass can be used with all types of pergolas to create a year-round sun canopy for the garden. This ensures you are able to get maximum use from your space, even if it’s a typical British summer!

    The style and extent of your glass canopy is up to you; there are a range of solutions available. If you’re looking for light coverage, it’s possible to glaze between the rafters to create a roof. For more extensive coverage, the pergola can be glazed from the bottom to the top, creating glass walls that offer more shelter.

    Pergolas can be situated at different points in the garden; some may be freestanding while others are supported by the property walls. No matter which type of pergola you have, glazing can be added to either the walls or the top to create a modern and elegant canopy.

    What Are the Benefits of a Glass Pergola Canopy?

    There are lots of different options to create a canopy for your patio or outside space but glass offers certain advantages. Here are just some of the reasons to choose a frameless glass pergola canopy:

    Subtle Style

    Whether you have a small or large garden, a canopy made from other materials can dominate the view, ruining the landscaping of your outside space. Whether it’s metal, fabric or opaque plastic, you lose the look of your garden when you install a canopy.

    That’s not the case with glass. The transparency of the canopy means that your garden still has the same outlook, and you won’t miss out on the view of any plants or flowers. You don’t need to worry whether the canopy matches the style of your existing garden furniture because a glass canopy will complement whatever you have.

    Maximises Space

    A small pergola can feel cramped and dark with a canopy, but having glass avoids this issue. By allowing light and air to flood into your space while offering protection, with glass you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Suitable for Year-Round Use

    Glass pergolas are strong and can withstand all weathers. This means you don’t have to worry about putting them up or down, or whether they’ll be damaged by high winds or rain. Once the glass canopy is installed, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits all year round.

    Low Maintenance

    Fabric canopies can very quickly become dirty or torn, and need substantial maintenance to stay in prime condition. A glass canopy only needs to be wiped clean and it won’t perish without your attention.

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