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Frameless Glass Doors in London & Sussex

Frameless glass doors provide a sleek modern look in any home. Commonly used to divide rooms without loss of light they allow a clear view from one room to another. Frameless glass doors make an excellent alternative for internal doors.

Hinged Doors

Hinged frameless glass doors are available as single or double doors and use minimal fixings to complement the frameless aesthetic and maximise light into the room. A range of fixing options are available depending on your requirements. Standard frameless glass hinges hold the door in the closed and open position, whilst specialist hydraulic hinges are available to control the hold open position and closing speed of frameless glass doors. Patch fittings, commonly seen on shop entrances, allow frameless glass doors to be fixed at the top and bottom and offer the greatest control over the opening/closing speed, and hold open positions of the door. This type of frameless glass door is typically required to be mounted on hydraulic floor spring which will be recessed flush into the floor, although integrated hydraulic patch fittings are now available.

Sliding Doors

Sliding frameless glass doors are typically top hung and can be fitted into, or outside of the opening depending on your needs. Double frameless doors can slide independently or together, and the soft close motion available for most of our systems prevent the doors from being opened or closed too quickly.


A range of handles and locks are available in a range of finishes to suit your design.

Shower and Bath Screens.

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